Capraia Island rent a boat or a catamaran and discover it

Hire a boat or a catamaran, and discover the Capraia island , in the Tuscan archipelago

The island of Capraia, in Tuscan arcipelgo, is a wonderful destination for a sailing holiday. The marine park that surrounds it, has an area of ​​57,000 hectares of protected sea, and is Europe’s largest marine park.
In Its waters you can find to many marine species are difficult to find elsewhere.

To arrive with a boat rental, in the island of Capraia is a pleasure, the marine park offers unique colors and scents, and navigate in its waters, respecting the rules, creating unforgettable moments and beautiful colors.
The areas of the marine park, where navigating a sailboat or catamaran, are three Zones
Free Zone
: There are no restrictions, and includes the entire area of ​​the town, the harbor and the territories where they insist the buildings of the former penal colony. A sea zone that goes from Punta to Punta Portovecchio of Fica.
Zone protection 2:
West part of Punta della Manza and continues north to Punta Portovecchio and east from Punta della Fica south to Punta Trattolo. In this marine / coastal area it is forbidden to: access on foot or arrive by boat to colonial nesting areas for seabirds during breeding; fishing, even in Sport mode, from the ground or from a boat, only to be provided with a permit to require the institution to Portoferraio Park which will grant it only to those who remain in the living on the island for more than 7 days.

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Zone 1 or full protection:
A sea includes the stretch of coast between Punta of the Manza to Punta Trattolo, in the west of the island. Here, together with the prohibitions laid soprta, it has also made specific prohibition of: access, navigation, stopping and anchoring of any power boat; scuba diving;

Respect of protected areas, gives navigators, the beauty and the unique pleasure of an unpolluted sea, and the guarantee of eating good fish in restaurants and fish tourism island. jpeg
For those who, in addition to navigate, and get to the island of Capraia, with a boat or a rental catamaran, it is a lover of shore excursions, in a day, you can make unique paths,


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