If you are in this web site and use any service, you are agree with the conditions

In compliance with applicable laws, the ship broker, is not tied to the parties by collaborative relationships, dependency or representation. All contracts are always concluded between the Charterer / conductor (customer) and renter / tenant (shipping company). Our signature Brokers Maritime is a guarantee that the contract is drawn up respecting the norms and international practice governing the rental boat and the will of the parties. As required by law, each of our fee is paid by the renter / tenant (shipping company) and the amounts paid to us are collected on behalf of the shipping company. and posted this on behalf of the lessee / tenant.

By making a reservation, the customer enters into a direct contractual relationship with the owner. Miti e Mete Yachting acts only as an intermediary between the customer and the operator, transmitting the booking details to the owner, and
sending the customer an e-mail confirmation to the name of owner.

The service provided by the ship broker is completely free for the customer.

When rendering its services, the information discloses by the ship broker are based on information given by the operators owners. As such, operators charter owners are fully responsible for updating all rates. As such, Myths and Destinations Yachting is responsible only for establishing contact between the service provider and the end customer.
The ship broker is not liable for failure to perform or accurate and conform to those services which fall within the scope of the contract between the service provider and the end customer
Each charter operator or owner remains responsible at all times for the ‘accuracy, completeness or correctness of the information (including pricing and availability).

Once the booking of these services will be completed, with the definition of contractual details, the customer will be in direct contact with the owner, you will receive a charter yacht formal by the shipowner that will regulate all aspects of services provided. Customer acknowledges that making a reservation comes into a direct relationship with the owner and that Miti e Mete Yachting acts as shipbroker in order to allow such direct relationship

The customer need not pay any surcharge bargaining or mediation, but only the cost of the lease or rental, as price lists, discounts and offers choice of boat.

– 50% of the amount of the rental or lease at the time of booking.
– 50% of the balance of amount of the rental or lease, 30 days before beginning of the lease or rental.
For bookings made within 30 days from shipment will have be paid the full amount of rental or lease.
Failure to comply with these payment conditions authorizes the cancellation although already confirmed, and the shipping company will have the right to retain the sums paid.

The customer who intends to terminate the contract must give timely written notice to owner and all intermediary agent.
In case of withdrawal, unless different contractual conditions, the company shipowner will have the right to keep the following amounts:
– 50% within 31 days from date of shipment
– 100% within 30 days from date of shipment

The shipping company will return the amount paid only if he can sell the same car. Otherwise it will not be reimbursed. In any case it will keep the rate for brokerages, or others amounts due damages. No refunds will still be paid to clients who are not present at boarding or withdraw during the course of the cruise.

Requests for any reimbursements for unused services and disputes must be received in writing within 15 days from the date of return at the end of the cruise, on pain of forfeiture.

A security deposit is required for the leases in the amount established by the contract, to cover any damage not covered by insurance or coverage franchise.
No damage or losses the deposit will be returned from shipowner on landing after verification of the conditions of delivery.
I’m never sure loss and damage to the outboard and dinghy.
Failure to pay the deposit and due to termination of the contract.

Each participant will have It is provided in the document staff authorized for the country where the rental takes place or
The skipper responsible for the lease will have be in possession of the license required.

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