Why hire a boat with Miti e Mete yachting?
Rent a boat with Miti e Mete yachting is the safest way to surf the best boats. Indeed Myths and Destinations Yachting puts at your disposal only boats of the biggest and most reliable shipping companies.

It’s convenient?
Rent with Miti e Mete yachting costs less. In fact, you can get discounts on list prices. The discounts increase for customers who renew their confidence by continuing to rent with us.
Renting with Miti e Mete yachting can take advantage with great discounts. from 10, up to 25%.

I’m unable to lead a boat, I can rent them the same?
You can have a skipper to take care of navigation and boat, at a cost ranging from 120 to ¤ 170 per day, or you can hire a boat with crew offer.

What is the role of the skipper?
The Skipper is responsible for navigation, the boat and then the crew.

A sailing holiday is comfortable?
The boats are equipped with amenities, catamarans, in particular, they are so comfortable. By renting a yacht and crew you can have the comforts that can offer a 5-star hotel

I would avoid to take care of the boat
You can seek the assistance of a hostess, maybe cook, who would deal the duties of board

How the route is decided?
First of all you choose in which area you want to do a sailing holiday. We possaimo advise the port of embarkation, the type of boat that best suits your needs, advise a skipper experience. If, for example, your wish was to navigate to the Aeolian Islands, you decide which islands to visit and what type of vacation do; all relaxation or sport. It will be the task of the skipper to assess the weather conditions, to comfort your decisions or propose safer solutions.

How is the life on the boat?
You can not say that the day boating should take place in a precise way. You can choose to organize their days as you wish. The task of the skipper will help make the holiday in the best way.

I want to lying all day under the sun
Sure, you can spend the whole day relaxing, or, if you like, you can participate in the conduct of the boat.

What should I bring?
* Boat comfort and convenience are important. Use a soft bag to carry clothes that dovrano be comfortable and ensure freedom of movement.

What to put in the bag:
* A backpack or beach bag for the shower.
* Sleeping bag summer or winter depending on the season. (If you want me to prepare on board sheets and blankets)
* Set for cleaning staff and towels.
* Waxed full screen or jacket and waterproof.
* Sailing shoes or sneakers soled clear (to be used only by boat).
* Rubber slippers for the shower.
* Hat for sun and cold.
* Sunglasses
* T-shirts 3/5 – 2/3 bermudas – 1/3 swimsuits
* For the evening a sweater, a sweatshirt and a pair of trousers
* Beach towel to use sunning on deck
* Sunscreens with a protective factor high (not bring oil)

You can ask to be on board sheets, towels, pillows and blankets

Can I charge the phone, the digital camera, etc.?
The ac current. 220V is available only in port, better bring car charger (cigarette lighter-type). The cc. 12V is always available.

I would prepare myself to achieve a boating license, do?
You can write to Miti e Mete yachting to ask questions about the courses of preparation for the achievement of the license. They are courses that take place aboard a imbarcaione sailing, the most effective method to learn.

How is a holiday on a sailing boat?
No other holiday can be more interesting than a vacation in a sailboat. In absolute contact with the sea, the sun and the wind, you have the chance to explore all places desired. You can choose where, when, and for how long you want to stay in one place, and there is always the opportunity to change plans. In addition to flexibility, the sail can be totally relaxing or adventurous, the choice is yours.