Ionian Sea Sailing route and informations


The Ionian Sea is well known to practice easily and pleasantly sailing among the many islands and the picturesque places of the mainland coast. There is a good land breeze morning and also a pleasant sea breeze in the afternoon and generally winds rarely exceed force 6 on the scale Beauforts. Sailing therefore nell’omerico “wine colored sea” (OINOΠΑ ΠΟΝΤΟΝ) you are surrounded by friendly waters and a multitude of islands, completely covered with patches of olive and cypress trees. Numerous bays, different, and delicious beaches will surround the dreamy atmosphere of your cruise. The safe waters are ideal for children because they can swim, go underwater and play on the beaches. The mythology and history are present everywhere in the Ionian Sea. The island of Ithaca and ‘was the birthplace of King Odysseus, Corfu and its last stop before arriving home. (ΝΟΣΤΟΣ) .In islands and on the mainland adjacent are the vestiges of the Palaeolithic and classical eras, surrounded by many Venetian fortresses. The official name of the Ionian Islands and ‘: eptanneso – seven islands – (ΕΠΤΑΝΗΣΑ), but do not be surprised if during your cruise you will find more than thirty

Routes and information
Winds: north-west breeze blowing starts late in the morning and later becomes a sea breeze stronger, but he died during the night.

Suggested routes for the rental of one week from Corfu:
Corfu, Parga, Vassiliki Meganissi, Fiskardo, Paxos, Corfu.

Suggested routes for two weeks charter from Corfu: Corfu,
Parga, Vassiliki, Fiskardo, Vathi, Zante, Kioni, St. Euphemia, Sivota, Paxos, Antipaxos, Corfu.

Suggested routes for the rental of one week from Lefkada:
Lefkas, Fiskardo, Vathi, Kioni, Kalamos, Meganisi, Lefkas.

Suggested routes for rental of two weeks from Lefkada:
Lefkas, Vassiliki, Fiskardo, St. Euphemia, Zakynthos, Vathy Kioni, Frikes, Meganisi, Kastos, Astakos, Kalamos, Lefkas.

Interesting places and main landing (in alphabetical order)
Beautiful beaches in a pristine and peaceful island with about 100 residents who cultivate their lives.
Corinth Canal
The channel is 3.2 miles long and 81 feet (25 meters) wide, while the limestone from which salt is cut to 250ft (76 meters) above sea level and connects the west with the east of the Greek seas. The channel has existed since 1893, it was expanded after the damage suffered in World War II.
Corfu (Kerkyra) town
The capital of the island is the most famous city of the Ionian Sea. It offers nightlife, relaxation, natural beauty.
A fishing harbor crowded with yachts, in front of a picturesque village with traditional taverns. The cypress trees surround the village.
A village with a small harbor, a short drive from many beautiful beaches.
A very prosperous until the 18th century, especially for its commercial fleet. Then, the Turks invaded the area and captured ships. One of the most pleasant marinas in the Gulf of Corinth. Only a few hours drive to the ancient oracle of Delphi and the theater, a city egarded by the ancients as the center of the world.
The port has recently been expanded to accommodate more yachts, but still a small shelter and pleasant. The village is small and quiet with most of its few houses and taverns dotted along the harbor pier, while just outside the port, the pines of the steep hill down to the sea. There are only a few residents who earn a living from summer tourism.
Very quiet island close to Kalamos, with only a narrow passage of water between the two islands.
The village is very picturesque, not only when approached from the sea while entering the lovely marina, but also when walking down the narrow streets.
Lefkas city
A floating bridge connecting the island with the mainland. The tranquil and distinctive of Lefkada is full of wooden houses and colorful. Bays and beaches interesting will be revealed, throughout the island. Agios Nikitas you can enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches with fine white sand, as far as the eye can see. There are ruins of the prehistoric city and other topics of historical interest. The leaders, famous artists and other VIPs have signed the guest book ‘tavern on the hill from where the view is wonderful.
Although his name means “Mega-island”, it is much smaller than Lefkas. There are three villages and three beautiful bays on the north side of the ‘island. Sea caves and beaches, is worth a visit.

The small port of the city is built inside the walls of the Venetian castle. The scenario of the yachts, fishing boats and little boats inside the castle offers a very attractive picture. The main city square with shady trees, is located opposite the entrance of the harbor, thus connecting its old Venetian style with the small modern town.
The town is a busy tourist resort, a stopover for cruise yacht either south or north. Before tourism, the city lived the “administrative support” Scorpion, private island of Onassis.
Crystal clear waters in picturesque bays, as if it is a paradise in the eastern Mediterranean. Chin political civilization are evident throughout the country. Venetian monuments, homes style Italian, French arcade, Byzantine church, Georgian buildings, large squares, streets large with many narrow streets paved with stone (the famous “kantounia”).
Historically, Normans, French, British and Turks have occupied the village that was finally handed over to Greece in 1913. Although visited by many tourists, the village is different from every village of the islands.
Paxi (Lakka and Gaios)
A small island, but really impressive full of olive trees and vines. During the summer, because of so many Italians visiting the islands, traders will find it difficult to address to you to speak nothing but Italian. Lakka is a beautiful sheltered bay with small houses and colorful seaside. Gaios, the capital village with its houses of the 19th century, is built in a fjord, along the eastern side of the island, with two entrances, north and south.
The private island of the famous greek shipowner Aristotle Onassis, who was regularly visited by celebrities, when the owner was still alive. An earthly paradise where approaching and swimming are feasible. The ‘landing is not allowed by the guards of the island.
Syvota Epirus
Two small islets at the entrance of Myrtos bay, just across the southern end of Corfu. A nice place to swim at night or alternatively to Parga.
Although a marina was recently done, the tranquility of this small green island is impressive. No cars, only a few houses, a church and two taverns with fresh fish in the north up the island life. A wooden ferry connecting the island with the mainland opposite
The southernmost village of Lefkada. The bay is full of boats and windsurfing.
Vathi Ithakis
Vathi, the capital, is located at the end of the deep bay and closed. The beauty of the island is evident in everything and make it unforgettable for every visitor. That’s why the hero of Homer, Ulysses King, although wander for years in so many beautiful places, stopped looking for his country.
Zakynthos (Zante)
It ‘s impossible for one to see the beauty of the island and the city itself, in a few lines. Although destroyed by the earthquake in 1953, the city was rebuilt in its previous configuration. The streets, squares, buildings, flowers everywhere, the history all around, local flavors and many other things make it difficult to describe briefly.

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